Return to Center.

It was a beginning. It was a reminder.

It is the foundation that has been laid for this next cycle.

A reminder to remember my Self. To meet me where I am and not who I was.


Retreat into Self. It was a long pause, though I guess there were a few inhales and exhales that came and went. Grounding into center to readjust thoughts.Grounding into center, so as not to be swept away with the turbid world.

During the past month, I have been honoring, or rather trying to honor silence. Lynx was back again to provide support and guidance. The great cat of the quiet Northern realms.

"...Does it improve upon silence?", this part of Sai Baba's quote struck me with a loud and resounding "a-ha" at the end of October. I had been tested. I had been tried. My words started foaming anger, harshness, and a sharp tongue meant to eviscerate anyone that disagreed.