the pause

The space in between. 

That still point within. 

Nothing and everything.

As I continue my journey, relearning to return to center, there have been wonderful guides and messages. Mid-June, as I was resting in Balasana, child's pose, the Pause stuck. It was as if a bell was struck. I just floated in it, and then exhaled. The next one was even more delicious. No thought, no movement - just being.

The Pause is where I have been and where I need to delve more deeply. Its as if something needs to break within, whether to break wide open or to completely collapse, I am not sure which. I have been working with Pause, especially during meditation, with no expectations, but slowly finding myself mindfully coming out of nothing.

invoking gaia: part one

"Hold onto that still point inside", she whispered.

The center. The beginning. The ending. The serenity. The truth. The wildness. The sacred.

The hemlocks stood sentinel as she stepped up beside me. Looking down, I saw that she had her hand open. I breathed in. Pause. I breathed out and grasped it. She squeezed. 

I turned to look behind me. Diana stood smiling. "The huntress is always within. It is where you began." Under my other hand, I felt the soft fur of my totem. She, too, was waiting in anticipation.

Finally turning my gaze, Gaia's shining eyes were lit with happiness. Such beauty and serenity, but so full of wildness and unknown. A benevolent queen. "Time to tap into the fierce energy of the earth and find the wild center." The wild center? "One can be sophisticated and wild.", she winked. "The next cycle will be a journey of forgiveness - self, others, and not just for this lifetime. Follow the path of the Grandmothers. Follow the path of the Earth. Follow the path of Healing."

Stepping forward, colors shifted from white to blue. Maiden to Mother. Huntress to Queen.